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The Parliamentary Review Highlighting Best Practice

"Schools around the UK are, unfortunately, too willing – sometimes too keen – to overlook or exclude these students. Seeing this, I and my company, Employability Solutions, decided to provide a full-time alternative education for this marginalised group of people" -...

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The Power of Giving – Our CEO Appears in Woman & Home

Claire Cook, 37, lives in Liverpool with her two children, Lucia, 11, and Samuel, five. She is chief executive of Employability Solutions, alternative education centres in Liverpool and Huddersfield, which she founded with her business partner, Nadia, in 2012 to help...

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Employability Solutions Ltd
Employability Solutions Ltd
Day 7 of tips to make you feel HAPPY straight away!
'Let it go'...
Holding on to pain doesn’t fix anything. Replaying the past over and over again doesn’t change it, and wishing things were different doesn’t make it so. In some cases, especially when it comes to the past, all you can do is accept whatever it is you’re holding on to and then just 'let it go'.
Our Students at ES have worked really hard this year in practicing what we preach and we are really proud of the lovely young people they are all growing up to be.
#TeamWork #MovingOnFast #HappyYoungPeople #LetItGo
Employability Solutions Ltd
Employability Solutions Ltd
Day 6 of our top tips to make you feel HAPPY straight away!
If you love writing, but even if you don’t, we'd urge you to try your hand at writing poetry. Writing poetry can be magical. It forces you to see the world in different ways. Even if you write something sad or negative, just getting it out on paper can help shift your feelings in a real positive way.
Take a look at some of our ES students end of year celebration poems.
Go have a go... Enjoy.
#Happy #Fun #Poetry #AlternativeEducation #FeelingGood
Employability Solutions Ltd
Employability Solutions Ltd
This week Employability Solutions has had the absolute pleasure of hosting this little angel, Tash Tummino from St Edwards College on work experience. Tash has had an insight into the AP Education sector taking part in every aspect of the day to day running of our Garston Centre. With bright, intelligent, friendly and helpful young people like this coming through... the future is bright! Go get your dreams Tash... you can be whoever you want in the world!!! 😘 huge thanks to our very own Jordan too for acting in a leadership role and mentoring Tash throughout the week.
Employability Solutions Ltd

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So privileged to be involved in team development from this incredible space today. @empsolneet tackling #youthconflict #AlternativeEducation #ACES #papertigers #mentalhealth #emotionalwellbeing #takingcareoftheteamsotheycantakecareofourkids
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BBC North West @BBCNWT
Founder of the Warrington Peace Centre, Colin Parry, tells BBC the centre is facing a 95% cut in funding from Home Office and Ministry of Justice. He says future could be under threat. Both govt departments deny funding cuts are as severe as claimed.

Alternative Education; different to, not less than! Thanks to all who helped shape our 1st Ofsted report especially our exceptional young people who entrust us with their safety, their education & their lives. ❤️ is is the heart of everything we do.

LA inspection taking place in Liverpool today. We are looking forward to having our say on SEND provision in our city and how providers like us can make the biggest difference to vulnerable learners if only the resource is made available.

We are so glad to be back after a lovely relaxing, festive break. We hope you have all enjoyed your time off. School re-opens Monday 7th Jan with our free breakfast club from 8.30am onwards. See you soon.