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CEO Welcome

“I believe that Alternative Education should be just that…’alternative to, not less than’ mainstream education. I have always been fiercely passionate about challenging conventional wisdom and doing things differently, and since opening the doors in 2012, with our unique approach, we have consistently produced excellent outcomes, both academic and pastoral for our students; transforming young lives and building resilient communities in the process.

In May 2018, I am proud to say we became a Registered Independent School, further galvanising our commitment to providing credible alternative education. We specialise in referrals for students with Social, Emotional and Mental Health
barriers, as well as unique support for Children who are Looked After and those with EHC Plans.

We are a Social Enterprise working across Liverpool and West Yorkshire, providing a full time Alternative Education Provision for young people aged 14 to 19. We were established in 2012, and in that time have empowered over 400 young people to take responsibility for their own development and unleash their potential. Many of our students have gone on to apprenticeships, employment and university.

The clue is in our title, ‘Employability Solutions’; We find creative, innovative and common-sense approaches to build the
employability of every young person, such that they can go off into the world of work and be successful.