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Tailor Your Own Curriculum

Which pieces of the puzzle are the right fit for you?
Pick more than one vocational subject.
With Maths, English, ICT skills and strong PHSE curriculum at the core of every students programme of study, students get to choose and try out a range of vocational tasters that are accredited and will help them work towards a recognised qualification in Occupational Studies.


of year 11 leavers move into positive destinations. 40% of those stay on with us and take up one of our study programmes

Who We Are

Mission Statement

“To be the catalyst that creates positive social change for communities, by delivering alternative community education programmes which harness the skills, talents and qualities of its people and places” 

“I believe that Alternative Education
should be just that…’alternative
to, not less than’ mainstream
education. I have always been
fiercely passionate about
challenging conventional wisdom
and doing things differently,
and since opening the doors in
2012, with our unique approach,
we have consistently produced
excellent outcomes, both academic
and pastoral for our students;
transforming young lives and
building resilient communities
in the process.
In May 2018, I am proud to say we
became a Registered Independent
School, further galvanising our
commitment to providing credible
alternative education. We specialise
in referrals for students with Social,
Emotional and Mental Health
barriers, as well as unique support
for Children who are Looked After
and those with EHC Plans.
The clue is in our title,
‘Employability Solutions’; We find
creative, innovative and commonsense
approaches to build the
employability of every young
person, such that they can go
off into the world of work and
be successful.

I would urge anyone wanting more
information, to come along for an
informal chat and a look around
our centres. We have an open-door
policy and the kettle is always on!
I would like to take this opportunity
to welcome our students and their
families to Employability Solutions
and wish them every success in
their education.”

Claire Cook
Chief Executive

Our CEO is a fellow of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, part of a
global network of social business leaders who disrupt the status quo
and do things differently. With this in mind, we are determined to ignite
a spark in any young person who has a passion to make a difference
through Enterprise.

Speke Up

Speke Up

Wow, what a day. We’ve spent the day hearing all about the amazing and exciting opportunities happening in Speke for local people. We loved supporting the day and truly support all those worthy winners… the Police have really worked their magic giving the money over to the community to decide what they want to see. We can see so many opportunities to help and support so many of you by pooling our resources and working together… apologies to all those who voted for us but our decision to withdraw our application was a considered one. We don’t think we should have to “get lucky” in order to help our most vulnerable access vital services that ought to be available as a statutory right. We wish all you the very best of luck – remember we want you to VOTE for a better government, lobby MP’s and demand access for services – be the voice of those who aren’t heard! 

Careers Education & Employment Programmes

Careers education is embedded throughout the students journey to allow them to make meaningful connections and form aspirational targets, goals and plans for their future.
Working in partnership with local employers that complement the vocational pathways on offer, students gain valuable insight into the world of work through our programme of work experience, employer assemblies, guest speakers and industry visits.

Our wider Post-16 employment Programmes support local people who are not currently in employment, education or training (NEET) to take control of their own lives and move towards a better future. In fact, our employment programmes have a 94% success rate of moving people into sustainable jobs, education and training.


Employability Solutions is a member of Vola, a highly successful consortium of Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) Sector service providers operating in Liverpool City Region.

Being a partner and working collaboratively within this wider network of voluntary organisations opens up more doors and opportunities for us to support young people in the community and allows us to access additional funding to tackle NEET and worklessness through our community-based learning skills and projects.



“The curriculum is underpinned by a desire to
enable all students to develop their personal,
social, academic and employability skills to a
level which enables them to lead meaningful,
happy lives. This is designed to have a tangible
community benefit as well as the obvious
positive personal impact on the students.
I am personally committed to improving the
life chances of the students we care for and
to raising their aspirations.”

Lisa Heron
Head of Education

The Support and sense of family that I had at ES made me the person I am today. I am passionate about supporting other young people to suceed.

Ryan, former student

Trainee Teaching Assistant